A Touch of Spring

by Bill and Aby Brooks, REALTORS® 03/24/2019

Spring brings with it bright colors, beautiful scents and a new vibrancy to the world around you. Why wouldn’t you want to bring that feeling into your home? The trouble is, you’ll soon want to bring a sense of summer and then fall into your home as well. What can you do to add touches of spring to your home without making major design and décor changes? Here are some ideas. 

Bring Nature Inside:

The best change you can make to add a sense of springtime to your interiors is to add living plants to your home. You might start a small herb garden in your kitchen window. Adding an indoor palm or hanging fern to the dining room or living room will bring those beautiful green tones into your home and add a lot of life. For a simple bathroom addition, hang a few air plants by the bathroom window or above the tub. You don’t have to change the entire décor theme or color scheme of your rooms to bring in the feeling of spring. If you have darker warm colors in your living room, select green plants that accentuate the space. Place bright flowers, in well-paired colors, in the kitchen to play off the wood cabinets or tile countertops. 

Another simple and effective way to bring nature into your home is to open your house up to the outside world as much as possible. On beautiful days turn off your air conditioner and open up your windows to let the breeze and natural scents in. Keep curtains and blinds open to allow more sunlight into your home. Connecting yourself and your home to the season will liven up your space and give you a renewed energy.

Small, affordable changes: 

Without breaking the bank, or even affecting your budget too much there are several small additions you can make to your home to bring in that fresh spring feeling. Change out your winter spice potpourri, candles and air freshener for clean linen, fresh cut grass or wildflower scent. Choose to use your pastel, green or white colored linens in the bathroom, bedrooms, and kitchen. If you don’t have linens in these colors visit your nearby home décor or discount home store to find affordable textiles. If you have multiple sets of dishes trade your winter plaid themed dish set for your floral or bright colored plates. Get out your flower vases and bring in fresh cut flowers from outside. 

Filling your home with touches of spring doesn’t have to be expensive and can be more fun than just your typical spring cleaning. Take a look around your house and find the pieces you already have that can be used strategically to freshen your home and your life.

About the Author

Bill and Aby Brooks, REALTORS®

Aby’s understanding of excellent customer service stems from her extensive professional background. Prior to earning her real estate license in 2005, along with her college degree that focuses on business and engineering, Aby was the head of purchasing, inventory and quality assurance for an OEM medical and aerospace manufacturing company. Known by her clients and fellow realtors for her tenacity, honesty, integrity, and attention to detail, as a full-time realtor, she is also appreciated for her quick response to her client’s needs. Aby has been an avid horse rider and owner since the age of eight, with her husband Billas a local firefighter/EMT they are very active within the community. Bill served as a US Army Airborne Ranger in 75th Ranger Regiment, he is a combat-wounded veteran who was awarded a Purple Heart. Bill's background as facility Manager for an International metals company and as a firefighter/EMT gives him the experience, attention to detail and the desire to go above and beyond to serve his customers. The Brooks' serve on the board of a local non-profit (501c3) that gives back to the veterans, first responders and their families. The Brooks family resides on their small ranch in Manatee County. Aby& Bill excel in all types of real estate and their passion is helping people. “We genuinely like people, growing up in Sarasota and Manatee counties and now raising our own family here, it is an absolute pleasure to share our growing area with newcomers and reminisce with longtime residents. Our area has so much to offer and it is our business to help folks buy and sell their own piece of paradise.”